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Oakland Comes Together for a Family in Need- Oakland’s Housing Crisis, Schools and Families, Part 2

Earlier this week I covered the plight of a family at Community School for Creative Education Charter School.  Harassed and menaced by their landlord in an effort to get them out of the unit.  He allegedly tore up rent checks, forced his way into the unit, and slammed the door on the head of the family’s three year old child. … Read more →

Thoughtful integration of special education students is the right thing to do

What we have done for special education students in Oakland has not been working.  Look at the numbers, a mere 8.6% completed the A-G requirements, the courses required to apply to UC or CSU, 4.6% are reading on grade level in 9th grade, and the high school exit exam pass rate was 10.1%.  It does not need to be like… Read more →

A Strong Milestone for McClymonds High and a Hopeful Future

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending Mack’s annual alumni barbecue at De Fremery Park in West Oakland. This year was extremely special as it was the 100th Anniversary of the legendary school. I was greeted by representatives of the 1961 class with hugs and smiles and a pretty hearty plate of barbeque. There are a lot of people that… Read more →

Is Testing Really the Boogeyman?

Listen, I’m not going to sit here and act like I enjoyed taking tests when I was a kid because I didn’t. I hated it. I hated listening to the proctor. I hated the little piece of scratch paper that I got during the test that I had to turn in. I hated the whack stories I had to read… Read more →

Housing, Schools, and the Crisis for Oakland Families

Life can be hard in Oakland, harder even, if you have children, live in the Flatlands and don’t own a home.  One of our families is learning this lesson in spades.  You can see the news report here.  It ain’t pretty, new homeowner/landlord wants old tenants out—for no “good” reason but greed.  This leads to an alleged physical assault on… Read more →

Charters and Unions, Can We Get Along?

As a charter school board chair it was a jarring call.  “The teachers are unionizing, they have the votes” the school leader’s voice rattled on the other end.  This call would start a long journey, that would change some of my thinking on unionized charters, and I hope eventually change the minds of the union as well. Charters and unions… Read more →

Getting Mack Back on Track

Tonight, McClymonds High School hosted it’s Back to School Night and it was a sight to see. I can’t front, it was great seeing the cafeteria filled with families, teachers and community folks. The truth is, everyone is looking at McClymonds. McClymonds has had a tough road over the past few decades. West Oakland as a whole is having trouble… Read more →

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