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Using Data to Drive Policy in Oakland

There are a lot of different narratives in Oakland. Instead of getting caught up in narratives I want to make the truth more accessible to folks. The Oakland Unified School District released a comprehensive report called the Strategic Regional Analysis or the SRA for short. It takes an in-depth look at the choices our families in Oakland are making while… Read more →

It Ain’t About Charters, It Ain’t About Traditional Public Schools, It’s About Kids

Common Enrollment came up in a recent school board meeting in Oakland, the school district I work in. My job is Community Engagement and as such I work to listen to how the community is receiving information. Well, this conversation around Common Enrollment led to a conversation accusing the process of being a tool for charter schools. Once the work… Read more →

Something Beautiful for West Oakland – The Center: The Central Kitchen, Instructional Farm and Education Center

As a kid growing up in the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD), I have not so fond memories of rubbery pizza and cold broccoli that used to look back at me as I never wanted to eat it. Man, was I jealous of the kids with Lunchables. I hated my school lunch so much that one of my favorite lunch… Read more →

The Black Advocacy in School Series: Teachers Building Authentic Relationships with Black Students

  Welcome to the second part of my Black Advocacy in School Series. In this article, we focus on teachers and how they can better support Black students in a system that doesn’t always do that well. It’s important to note that in these articles, I tend to use my own experience as a struggling Black student in school to… Read more →

The Black Advocacy in Schools Series: Parents & Guardians

  One of the scariest things for a parent can be navigating the education system for their children. It doesn’t matter if you are a college graduate or high school drop out, the anxiety can be palpable for any parent or guardian. This series on advocacy is built to support those trying to make sense of the jungle that is… Read more →

Finally, a common enrollment system for OUSD

In this guest post Charles Cole, III talks about changes in the OUSD that should mean an easier time for parents enrolling children. Cole is an educator focused on the advancement of all youth of color but more specifically black males. The passion comes from his own experiences growing up without proper support. His life’s goal is to better the… Read more →

Where exactly are the black teachers?

This guest post by Solomon Wilkins raises questions about the lack of teachers who look like the kids they teach. Wilkins is founder of Solomon Wilkins International, an organization aimed at motivating youth towards success. As a former student in the Oakland Unified School District, his passion for empowering students is based on his knowledge and experience in the community… Read more →

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