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When Parents See What’s Possible

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to visit schools with local Oakland parents. We went to Milpitas. Milpitas isn’t too far away from Oakland geographically but some of the schools we saw together felt like a different world for some of our parents. In a previous article, I wrote about those differences in the schools. In this article, I… Read more →

The West Oakland Fall Call Community Kick-Off

Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) is in the midst of a Fall Call for Quality Schools process. There are multiple calls happening simultaneously but since I do community engagement work in West Oakland, I am focusing on the West Oakland Fall Call. The West Oakland Fall Call is committed to improving education in the West Oakland STEAM corridor. The schools… Read more →

Getting Honest on Charter School Enrollment

Some time ago, at a charter school near you, I went to enroll a foster child, let’s call her ”Keasha”.  She needed a good school; that was smaller and more personalized.  Brushing aside my lack of legal authority, we asked the receptionist for an application. She explained that the school may not have any spots, described the school culture in… Read more →

BAMN Whitesplains “Jim Crow” to Oakland

I am beginning to hate Oakland’s carpetbagger protesters.  Idiots who come from Berkeley or Walnut Creek, to break windows, snarl traffic, and now F up the Oakland Unified Board meetings.  Enter the Oakland Education Association’s BAMN caucus, a group of largely White people whose recent infamy comes from ramblings about the “New Jim Crow”, or calling our Black Supe “a… Read more →

Why Don’t We Have More Paideias

A weird thing happened last night at the OUSD Board meeting.  A real, substantive, solution oriented, question was asked by the Oakland Education Association; why don’t we have more Paideias? Paideia is the wildly popular and academically successful Oakland Tech program that students actually return from private middle schools to come back into the OUSD (shocking I know).  It’s not… Read more →

The Schools we Need, Understanding Trauma and Focussing on Recovery

“Johnny” was having a bad day.  He has had a lot of bad days.  Mom wasn’t there to take him to school.  Less than 10, he walked to the bus stop.  He tripped, and he thought that some older students laughed.  He wanted to fight them.  By the time he is at school, he’s angry and staff can tell. He… Read more →

Do Black MInds Matter? What Do the Numbers Say?

Disturbing but not unexpected results came out from the recent Black Minds Matter report published by Ed Trust West.  Some lowlights; Black students in California are LEAST LIKELY TO: Become proficient readers by third grade; Be placed in Gifted and Talented Education programs; Master the mid-level mathematics skills that position students for success in college preparatory math courses; Be placed… Read more →

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