The West Oakland Fall Call Community Kick-Off

Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) is in the midst of a Fall Call for Quality Schools process. There are multiple calls happening simultaneously but since I do community engagement work in West Oakland, I am focusing on the West Oakland Fall Call.

The West Oakland Fall Call is committed to improving education in the West Oakland STEAM corridor. The schools in the corridor are McClymonds High (which is in it’s 2nd phase of redesign and not in the Fall Call), Lafayette Elementary, MLK Elementary, PLACE at Prescott Elementary, Hoover Elementary and West Oakland Middle School.

As mentioned earlier, McClymonds High School is already in it’s 2nd phase of innovation and redesign. The corridor has an obligation to ensure that all of the schools in it are offering high-quality education for our students.

Step 1 is a regional decision. What regional changes does our district need to make in order to accomplish this? How can our schools work together to offer a richer education experience for our students and families?

Step 2 allows us to dive deeper into how each school will redesign in order to carry out the regional commitment of excellence for our students?

We want to make sure that we are engaging with our families and community partners throughout the process. The December 15th event is the official kick-off for this. We are tentatively scheduled to meet at MLK Elementary on December 15th from 6PM-8PM. The superintendent, District 3 school board director, our principals, myself and the greater community will be on hand to ensure families are clear on what is happening and when.

The location will soon be confirmed and if there are any additional questions feel free to reach out to Charles Cole at

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