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OUSD Board of Education Approves Central Kitchen by Unanimous Vote

By: Charles Cole, III On Wednesday, November 4th, Oakland’s Board of Education voted to approve the final version of the Mitigated Negative Declaration. This document basically defines the steps the school district would take to address any negative impacts that may arise from the construction of the Central Kitchen. By voting to approve it, the Board of Education has cleared… Read more →

Why Are Cops in Schools?

While we express outrage around the girl slammed from her desk in South Carolina, an even worse situation happened right here in Oakland. In case you missed it a handcuffed, disabled young man was dumped from his wheelchair and pummeled by a “school security officer”.  You can watch the video here. Thankfully it was on video, and the officer was… Read more →


What do you do when a student has a knife at school? It’s the gym period and the supplies are in a locked box, they key is nowhere to be found, kids are restless and anxious. Johnny, in an effort to help, steps forward, pulls out a switchblade and pops the lock.  Technically that’s a weapon that should get you… Read more →


We have a serious “Other People’s Children” problem in education reform.  Many if not most of the spokespeople and decision makers, really don’t represent or often understand the communities they are “reforming”.  This has a distorting effect on the reforms and also gives folks the often real impression that reforms are being done to them rather than with them. When… Read more →

When parents see what’s possible…

By: Charles Cole, III Last week, I had both the honor and pleasure of accompanying a group of local Oakland parents to a neighboring district where the schools are doing things pretty differently than they’ve seen before. We went the Milpitas School District and visited a few different sites. We spent some time at an elementary school that had first… Read more →

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