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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in OUSD’s 2015

Hope, change, tragedy, success and rancor marked Oakland Unified’s 2015.   The arc is seeming to bend towards justice, but given the persistence and depth of inequality, nobody can be satisfied with the rate of progress, or that any better outcomes are guaranteed unless we work for them. The Good The Board Hired a Strong, Visionary Superintendent– After a national search… Read more →

According to America, I Should Be Dead

As I draft out this article, it’s Monday, December 28, 2015. The date is important. It’s the day that a grand jury failed to indict officers that shot 12-year-old, Tamir Rice within 2 seconds of arriving on the scene. Tamir Rice was playing with a toy gun. Sad day, little homie couldn’t even get an indictment. I’m not even talking… Read more →

West Oakland Fall Call Community Kick-Off

My obsession is my being has been consumed with the revitalization of West Oakland. I’ve been blessed to be part of the team helping to lead this work. I take it pretty personally. I walk through the hallways of those schools and I instantly go back to when I was a student in the West Oakland Corridor.   A large… Read more →

Post’s Op-Ed on charter schools and special education doesn’t serve reality or students

It’s disappointing to continually hear the half-truths and what I will call “misconceptions” around charter schools and special education students in Oakland.  A little fact checking would have helped—but let me do some here. Many of these were raised in a recent op-ed in the Oakland Post in the op-ed, Charter Schools in Oakland do not Serve All Children—lets go… Read more →

Model Minority Myths, and Who is Most Left Behind in OUSD

Quick, which ethnic group had the highest dropout rate and lowest A-G course completion in Oakland Unified?  I bet you are wrong…It’s Pacific Islanders according to OUSD’s latest balanced scorecard. Who had the lowest cohort graduation rates of boys of color?  Wrong again, according to an OFCY report it is Native American boys (38%), followed by Pacific Islanders (39%). Strangely some… Read more →

Who is a Public School in Oakland, and Are Charters Discriminating?

Charters are private.  They don’t serve special education students or English language learners.  They aren’t public schools and should not be part of the school options guide given to parents or a common enrollment system.  That is the chatter in Oakland among parts of the school community. There is too much to unpack in one post, but let’s start with… Read more →

Putting On For Oakland: The Positive Impact of Black Rage

I wrote this article in a few places. One of them being the old site where the Salvation Army used to reside in Old Oakland on Clay Street. The Salvation Army was one of the shelters I lived in when I was but a lad. I remember there being folks coming in pretty often to teach people how to bleach… Read more →

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