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Making a Difficult Request: Calling All Black and Brown Parents from our Highest Need Schools

I was recently at a school board engagement in Oakland. We were trying a new format that would allow for more community engagement. It was set up to allow community members actually to engage in deeper conversation on a selected topic or topics. The first one came together well. There were a decent number of people there. Folks were respectful,… Read more →

Selective Criticisms on Philanthrocapitalism in Oakland

When district reforms like common enrollment come up, OUSD is besieged by arguments about how outsiders are driving policy.  And until we can pay for these things ourselves we shouldn’t do them. Funny to hear the deafening silence from critics around outside funding when they agree with the spending. Case in point: the Oakland Promise, which will provide college savings accounts… Read more →

The Education Revolution will not Be Computerized

The revolution will not be computerized, to riff on Gil Scott Heron.  No the education revolution will not be computerized. The innovation we need in schools will not be technology based.  No algorithm is going to reach and teach our most vulnerable students, nor will a panopticon manage their behavior and develop the social and leadership skills they will need… Read more →

Bad Arguments Against Common Enrollment Part 2

The debate over creating a common enrollment system for parents that includes charters and district schools rages on.  I attended the recent OUSD engagement session and the Oakland Post also ran an op-ed critiquing common enrollment by Rosie Torres, “’Common Enrollment’ is a Misfit for the Problems that Plague Oakland Schools Retaining and improving principals and teachers should be a… Read more →

What Equity Isn’t: Addressing the Main Argument Against Oakland’s Common Enrollment Proposal

In Oakland, there’s a storm brewing around Common/City-wide Enrollment (there are a bunch of different names but for the sake of ease it will be referred to as common enrollment – I’ve already written about it a few times here and here.) Before I go into the debate around Common Enrollment, I want to get clear on this whole ‘equity’… Read more →

We’re 46th , We’re 46th   (In education spending)

Education Week’s finance issue came out recently and the bad news—California was fifth from last in per pupil spending, 46th counting the District of Columbia.  The numbers are a few years old, and we have maybe passed Oklahoma over the last couple of years (yee-haw?), but it’s even worse than it seems. These numbers are not adjusted for cost of… Read more →

Valid Critiques of Common Enrollment

Last week we broke down some of the crap arguments against common enrollment. This week we address some real ones. Having one system where families can review school programs and quality, rank their choices and have a match created makes a lot of sense.  Families in Oakland have long complained about the current enrollment process, and the decentralized nature of charter… Read more →

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