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Lamenting School Choice Week and the Need for Braver Authorizers

It’s national school choice week next week, and as the resident charter killjoy, I am compelled to throw some cold water on the celebration.  School choice is not a panacea.  There is no real “market” in education (and if there were it would be scary) and there is nothing inherent in providing a hypothetical choice system that will necessarily lead… Read more →

Y’all Just Gon’ Poison the Water, Huh?!?

I’m an Oakland boy. I live in a city that has it’s fair share of issues. It’s a place where it can be mighty difficult coming up as a Black man. So far be it for me to comment on what’s happening in Flint, right? When I turn on the news — well, more like my iPad — and I… Read more →

No One’s Coming to Save Us: This is a Soft Reminder

Dear poor Black folks born into poverty. No one is coming to our rescue, B! No one is coming to ensure that our living conditions are right. No one is coming to make sure that we are fed and clothed. No one is coming to make sure your babies are respecting old folks in the streets. No one is coming… Read more →

Oakland Education Week in Review 1.15.16

OUSD Board Officer Elections– Director Harris retained the presidency (hands clapping) and Nina Senn took over as the Vice President. Oakland’s common enrollment proposal was “debated” in the Contra costa Times, as we argued in Bad Arguments Against Common Enrollment Part 1, many of those critiques didn’t hold water. We will publish our valid critiques of common enrollment soon. The… Read more →

Bad Arguments Against Common Enrollment Part 1

As OUSD debates a proposal to create one unified enrollment system that includes charters and district schools the Contra Costa Times has framed the debate as whether we are creating, “a streamlined system that allows families to more easily navigate a daunting array of school applications to find the best fit for their child…(or) another Silicon Valley-backed reform tool that… Read more →

OUSD Job Fair | Sat., Jan 30 | McClymonds HS

OUSD is hosting a job fair and welcoming all to come apply. In the last job fair, OUSD made more than 100 offers. Folks need jobs so share. Read more →

So You Want to Start a Charter School?

You have to be Effing crazy.  I should know.  I have helped folks start schools for 20 years.  I run a school incubator, and that line about being crazy is the opening and closing line of my introductory training.  And I am serious. We don’t have any hedge fund donors, aren’t drinking any free market energy drinks, ain’t privatizing anything,… Read more →

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