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Oakland Charter-run and District-run Schools by the Numbers

Thank you OUSD for throwing some hard numbers into the charter school debates.  While I missed 2/22/16 Board engagement session (I was in NYC), I did look at the materials. Big takeaways; students at charter-run schools tend to perform somewhat better on state tests and be more economically disadvantaged.  While district-run schools had somewhat greater percentages of special education students… Read more →

A Generation of Serfs

I live in Oakland, CA. It’s one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Now that Silicon Valley in on full tilt and rich white folks are essentially pushing less rich white folks out of San Francisco, Oakland has taken the overflow. We are getting new restaurants, nightlife, you name it. The cost of living here is rising… Read more →

I Saw the Devil- The Need for a Better Abuser List

I saw the Devil. Twice. The first time, I worked at a group home.  A small voice, without shaking, said the devil visited him while he slept, and slipped a hand under the covers.  That was almost 30 years ago. Then I saw the devil again. This time a former resident from the home sent me a facebook picture, the… Read more →

Arguing for Small Schools in Oakland-Op Ed in the Oakland Tribune

The Tribune ran a version of an article published here previously where we argued, using data, that the Small Schools movement in Oakland was and is a success- take a look Read more →

Is NYC’s Success Academy Getting a Raw Deal?

Once again, disturbing practices at NYC’s Success Academy Charter Management Organization have surfaced.  This time it’s a teacher dressing down a first grader, it’s tough to watch, but here’s the video.  Earlier this year the CMO was under scrutiny for its so-called “Got to go“ list. To some Success is getting undue scrutiny, and to others it’s a matter of chickens coming home… Read more →

Judging Charters and Unions on Results

I am officially agnostic, on charter schools and unions.  Not the combination of the two but each individually.  We need to judge charters by their results on both quality and equity and we need to do the same for unions.  That was the gist of my relatively recent comments in NOLA at the Education Research Alliance for New Orleans. I… Read more →

Keeping the Oakland Promise

You have to love the Oakland Promise Initiative, an ambitious visionary look at the supports that families and students need to be successful; coordinated early care, school based college and career pathway development and money to pay for college.  Kudos to the mayor, superintendent, district, and the constellation of funders and nonprofits for making this happen.  This is visionary stuff,… Read more →

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