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What Has Worked in Oakland–Small Schools

I think it was Nietzsche who said that “every revolutionary tide eventually recedes, leaving only the sludge of a new bureaucracy”.  In Oakland he is wrong. I had a chance to reminisce with some of the architects and builders in Oakland’s New Small Autonomous School and early charter movements this week (Superintendent Chacones, Laura Flaxman , Mara Benitez and Gloria… Read more →

Do Black Minds Matter in CA?  What do the numbers say?

Kicking off Black History Month let’s take a look at the current state of Black education in CA.  Disturbing but not unexpected results came out from the recent Black Minds Matter report published by Ed Trust West.  Some lowlights; Black students in California are LEAST LIKELY TO: Become proficient readers by third grade; Be placed in Gifted and Talented Education… Read more →

Cocky Young Negro

Cocky. Arrogant. Self-centered. I may be all of these things or none of these things – I don’t know. I do know that I carry myself a certain way and have since high school. Allow me to explain. See, there are some benefits to moving as much as I did as a child. You learn how to adapt. In the… Read more →

Where are 17,572 Oakland students?

There is a gaping hole in the Oakland enrollment debate and it is 17,000+ kids wide.  While anti-charter activists argue against inclusion of charter schools in the Oakland Unified enrollment system, we are missing the forest through the trees, and have left behind 17,572 kids in the bramble. Oakland has roughly 65,740 school aged children, 36,392 go to District schools… Read more →

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