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Applaud With Caution

I originally wrote this article a few years back for the Huffington Post. The message is just as relevant today. What are the expectations we are setting for our students? How are we acknowledging the inevitable struggles that come from growing up in the hood while at the same time setting our kids up to be able to face what… Read more →

The Numbers We Are All Judged By- Foster Students in OUSD

Zero and 0%.  The number and percentage of foster children who completed the A-G requirements in OUSD last year. 13.6% suspension rate, the highest of any tracked subgroup. 22.7% the rate of chronic absenteeism 33% cohort graduation, the lowest These are our children.  They are often technically wards of the State.  They have been burdened by an accident of birth… Read more →

Common Enrollment is Dead, and That is a Good Thing; for Everyone but Families

I don’t want to call it.  But checking the vital signs and virulent opposition, I think common enrollment is dead in Oakland.  It did not seem like a revolutionary idea.  But may it rest in peace. It seemed like a good idea.  Rather than families needing to fill out 40 some different charter school applications alongside a cumbersome and opaque… Read more →

Hearing the Silent Screams of Students Before It’s Too Late

It was a short note.  “I am sorry, I am not dropping out but I won’t be coming back to school, thank you for everything, I’m sorry.” But it activated a red alert at the school, immediate calls to family, and a staff member dispatched to do a home visit. The student had overdosed on their prescription meds, quaffing the… Read more →

LISTEN: Superintendent Antwan Wilson on KQED Discussing his views on Charter Expansions

Superintendent Antwan Wilson joined KQED for a conversation regarding charters in California. He was asked to comment on the notion that charter school advocates are pushing to double the amount of charters in Oakland by 2022. Take a listen. Points I found interesting: Supt. Wilson was adamant that he remains agnostic on the topic of charters He focused on quality… Read more →

There is no “Charter Movement” the Questions 5 Keys Charter Raises that Critics Can’t Answer

As a member of the so-called “charter movement” I have to tell you: there is no such thing.  Seriously, the “charter movement” is a movement in the same way a bowel movement is a movement (anyone with a capable infrastructure, some inputs, and a little luck can have one—garbage in, garbage out, eat your fiber and you are good). I… Read more →

What We Know and What We Don’t Know About Oakland’s Charter Sector

I hear a lot of things about charter schools in Oakland, some good, some bad, some ugly.  And while there are some hard numbers available from the OUSD Board’s engagement session, around both student demographics and performance, we are missing some critical data that ultimately informs how we think about what those numbers mean. The key variable is choice, in… Read more →

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