LISTEN: Superintendent Antwan Wilson on KQED Discussing his views on Charter Expansions

Superintendent Antwan Wilson joined KQED for a conversation regarding charters in California. He was asked to comment on the notion that charter school advocates are pushing to double the amount of charters in Oakland by 2022. Take a listen.

Points I found interesting:

  • Supt. Wilson was adamant that he remains agnostic on the topic of charters
  • He focused on quality of education
  • Talked about wanting to launch a district-wide compact between the district and charters
  • Advocated for being able to authorize charters for a shorter period of time to ensure quality is high (20:00)
  • Didn’t back the goal of doubling charter schools by 2022, he said that focus needs to be on quality for children so whether the school is district-run or charter, it needs to be great (21:00)
  • Discussed improving governance model needing to be more accessible to district-run schools by ensuring that the legislature in Sacramento is helping to level the playing field around expanding autonomy for district-run schools


Ultimately, I enjoyed the conversation as a whole. Personally, I am agnostic of the educational delivery system myself. I am a believer in choice and feel that it is our job to create schools that children and parents want. Our schools should be equal in quality while different in personality. Ideally, a child should gain equitable high quality academics while being able to enjoy the personality of what a school can offer (think Oakland School of the Arts for someone that loves to dance and West Oakland Middle for students that love to code).


Frankly, we have a lot of work to do. Let’s get to it.

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