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RESPONSE: Former Lafayette Principal Responds to Article Detailing Former Student’s Experience

A while back, I wrote an article that discussed work happening at a West Oakland elementary school. In that article, I asked the question of who should I blame my pre-ed reform education on if a plurality of people are now blaming charter schools and big money. Former Lafayette Principal, Karen Haynes offered a thoughtful response. Enjoy.  As a former,… Read more →

VIDEO: Three Former OUSD Students Discuss Their Experience in Our District

In a hyper-politicized education environment, arguments tend to lose any semblance of humanity. I wanted to have a real conversation with real students about education. I had the opportunity to sit with three former OUSD students. Collectively they went to both traditional public schools and public charter schools. They had positive and negative encounters in each of those settings. I’ll… Read more →

What Did We Learn from the UCLA Charter School Discipline Study?

Charter-run schools need to address head on disproportionate discipline—situations where subgroups of students consistently suffer higher rates of punishment—and so do district-run schools. Those were my big takeaways from the data in the recent UCLA study which drew on data from 2012.  The summary data table is here: The headlines I saw covering the study were a little curious given the… Read more →

VIDEO: Changing the Game for Young Black Males in America

My colleagues are doing some great things for Black males in Oakland. Transformation for our young men is possible and there are folks working. I didn’t have much to do with this personally but I’m proud of the efforts of my peers. Take a watch. Read more →

Here’s Why I’m Proud to Work With OUSD Superintendent Antwan Wilson

This is a crosspost from our Superintendent, Antwan Wilson. Truly proud to work with this guy. March 18, 2016 Our Focus Remains: Every Student Thrives! Dear OUSD Community: The New York Times recently wrote an article about our efforts to improve public education for all in Oakland: Oakland District at Heart of Drive to Transform Urban Schools. It’s generated a lot of… Read more →

Make America and Oakland Great Again

If only we could go back to that golden age before charter schools destroyed public education in Oakland.  Oh the days, when all the neighborhood schools were well funded and performing perfectly, when poor Black children and rich White ones sat side by side in equality.  Where language minorities were respected and received high quality language development services.  And oh… Read more →

A Big Week for Oakland “Privatization”

Oakland schools were front and center in the national and local debate around, “privatization”, with a front page NY Times article and local stories on a contested visit by Steph Curry to a West Oakland district-run school.  The common point shown in both of these events was the division in rhetoric, and in my view the irrelevance to the average… Read more →

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