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Questions for Black Parents to Ask their Child’s Teacher and School

I spent nearly five years at a nonprofit focused on getting students in and through college. Many of the students we got were not on track to graduate high school when we got them yet we did a great job of getting students caught up and on the right track. I spent much of my time working closely with counselors,… Read more →

2 Easy Fixes for OUSD

Sometimes, working with districts the simple things seem hard.  Common sense isn’t as common as it should be, and low hanging fruit falls from the tree and rots on the ground.  Oakland Unified has shone a light on its current status with the Strategic Regional Analysis, but it’s really up to us to push for more strategic action, and move beyond… Read more →

What Black and Brown Parents Want, What they Get, and Why Charters

Our parents almost universally want more challenging schools, at the same time they rightly believe that education is unequal according to a recent study.  I say, rightly, because there is compelling evidence of a broad and wide belief gap about the capacity of kids of color, and in reality, our kids often do get the short end of the stick.… Read more →

Moving Beyond Rumor to Honest Debates in Oakland

I was worried when I heard that Oakland Unified was potentially firing 17 principals.  While I think Oakland is moving in the right direction, I really had to question the District’s leadership in this case. Further, this seemed to confirm the worst fears of OUSD’s critics, showing the District’s tone deafness, while reinforcing charter conspiracy theories, which saw deliberate sabotage… Read more →

The Costs of No Rigor: Why Demanding Higher Quality is Better than Opting Out

I recently read a report titled, “Out of Pocket: The High Cost of Inadequate High Schools and High School Student Achievement on College Affordability“. The article had some eye opening stats. Here’s a few: 1:4 students entering college had to enroll in remedial coursework This costs students and families $1.5 Billion! 45% of these students came from middle to upper class… Read more →

Truth from the Mouth of Babes- A Student Director Drops the Mic in Oakland

Oakland has some great plans.  At the Board meeting we heard about the Quality School Development Process, and directors queried staff on the ins and outs, very academic.  But there was one question from student director Ramirez, that quieted the room and is still awaiting an answer. Who is going to teach? You see, the student actually attends a school… Read more →

[VIDEO] Response to US News Article Stating Education Doesn’t Need a Civil Rights Solution

I was enjoying my day getting ready to catch a plane and thinking of ways to add value to the community I grew up in when someone sent me an article from the US News titled Education Doesn’t Need a Civil Rights Solution. It was written by Gerard Robinson. Real talk, I want to have a conversation with dude. I don’t… Read more →

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