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Torian’s Death, Trauma’s Effects, and What We Could Have Done

The Town is a violent place. The reaper prowls the “murder mile” and regularly camps in Deep East and West Oakland. And he touches too many Oakland families.  Not even city councilmembers are immune, as we were reminded when Torian Hughes, grandson to councilmember McElhaney, was laid to rest, after yet another seemingly senseless shooting. The Chronicle ran a powerful… Read more →

Huge Progress for Women in School Leadership—Not so much for People of Color

The latest federal numbers are out from IES on demographic trends in public school leadership and it’s a good news, not so good news story.  There is actually great news in terms of gender equality—with women going from 25% of principals in 1987-88 to 52% in 2011-12. Their numbers have more than doubled and they now make up the majority… Read more →

A Tale of Two Schools in Bill Clinton’s Oakland Visit- The Hope and Challenges of CUES

Heartwarming pictures and memorable stories mark the Clinton Global Initiative’s visit to Oakland last weekend for a “day of action.”   With Oakland’s own, “Beast Mode” Marshawn Lynch, Mayor Schaaf, and President Clinton volunteering at the Lockswood-Havenscourt Campus, which houses several; co-located OUSD schools; Community United being one of them. Beneath the newly painted surfaces, and after the celebrities and… Read more →

VIDEO: Working with Community to Transform Education in West Oakland

In Oakland, I’ve had the pleasure of spending the last few months working with educators and community members on rethinking education in West Oakland. It’s work that I take to heart. Since there are multiple streams of work, I’ll focus solely on my experience. Five schools in West Oakland answered a call for quality schools — meaning they would work… Read more →

No Excuses for Excuses Testing for Excellence Charter School to Open Nationwide Tomorrow

The No Excuses for Excuses Testing for Excellence Charter School or NEFETFECS as it is affectionately known will open its first virtual doors tomorrow to 100 million students, ending public education as we know it.  The school, a collaboration between philanthrocapitalists, IQ testing proponents, and former Enron employees promises to “relentlessly test students and families until all remaining students pass… Read more →

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