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PODCAST: Troy Ave, Ed Reform’s Next Wave and Bandwagon Fans

In this episode, we discuss Troy Ave and the shooting he was involved in from a different perspective. We also discuss an article from one guy that thinks Ed Reform is getting too Black and Brown before I give my thoughts on why I despise bandwagon fans in every capacity.

Here’s Robert Pondiscio’s article that I referenced when discussing Ed Reform.


Scrub to these times if you want to hear a specific topic:

  • Troy Ave: 1:30
  • Ed Reform and Robert’s Article: 18:30
  • Disdain for Bandwagoners: 29:00

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The Two Types of Leaders

There are two types of leaders in this education work and beyond. The first type is the Why I Can’t type. The second type is the Why Can’t I? type.   The Why I Can’t type will encounter an issue and he will give you a long list of reasons why they can’t be successful. They will blame others. They… Read more →

When the District Gets it Right- Study Abroad for Flatlands kids

When Thrival Academy’s co founder described their program, a year abroad for 20 Oakland kids, studying and learning about the culture of a faraway land and themselves through academic internships, I thought it was a great idea. But the District would never approve it.  There are a million reasons to say no and only one reason to say yes—it’s good… Read more →

ICYM: Applaud with Caution

I originally published this in 2013, but the message is as relevant as ever. Congrats to everyone graduation this month. The journey is just beginning. 1-Luv! – C. Cole Let’s start this the right way, congrats to all my young black men that just graduated from high school. I know this is a huge moment for you and you are… Read more →

Choosers, Losers, Abusers and “Opportunity Hoarding” in Oakland

School choice can divide us into winners and losers.  In fact it already has.  I am talking about charters. But not just charters, also those lucky enough to be able to choose where they live, with corresponding quality neighborhood schools, or have the resources to hustle their kid into an-out-of neighborhood or private option, the so-called “opportunity hoarders.” I don’t… Read more →

How Are Oakland’s Foster Students Doing, and What Can We Do

It’s National Foster Care Month and Oakland’s numbers are crying out for action.  We can do better, we need to do different, and this month and ongoing I will be shining a light on these children, our children. First let’s look at the facts—which are dismal—you can see the charts below from Oakland Unified.  But let’s review.  First, that “no… Read more →

Real Stories from American Indian Charter School

It was over 15 years ago, when elders in the Native Community asked me help with the American Indian Public Charter School.  A school, then in revocation, and now rated among the best schools in the City, state, and country.   A lot has changed. At that time, nepotism reined, the school was in debt, had no employees, only 1… Read more →

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