Again, HERE’S WHAT THEY THINK ABOUT YOU! Just read the comments from the Katie Couric and Deray interview on Giuliani’s comments about #BlackLivesMatter. #BLM is currently being painted as a hate group with all of the recent violence against officers being erroneously place on them. However, the article isn’t even the focal point here. Read the comments! The comments here, MY GOD, the comments. White folks, is this how y’all feel? Keep it real with me? I just read over and over and over how I’m viewed in this country.

Are there really SO MANY of you that feel that all of the Black bodies no longer deserved their souls? Are there really SO MANY of you that are not only feeling justification for the atrocities of these officers but ADORATION for the murders of these Black lives that you’d sit in silence in our presence yet rejoice in your homes?

What type of police reform can happen if SO MANY of you see absolutely nothing wrong with what is on television daily?

To live in this country and LEAD as a Black man you MUST be perfect. You must be Christ, your skin must lighten and you must do that thing that folks like to say, “TRANSCEND” race.

Well, I can’t do that. I’m a deeply flawed man. A poor Christian at best and an ANGRY emotional Nigger at worst if it’s up to some of you to describe me – to describe us. I really like my skin complexion. And that whole ‘TRANSCEND’ thing, I’d much rather die before I tried. If you don’t know why that’s offensive, then you should ask someone, preferably someone other than me.

Listen, you can say ignore those comments. You can tell us that hard work is the equalizer. You can ignorantly and disrespectfully bring up Black on Black crime, but you CANNOT and WILL NOT have my dignity. It’s mine. You CANNOT have it. You WILL NOT have it.

My heart, my soul hurts for the lives taken today. I VALUE life, period. However, you will not INSULT my intelligence by acting as if we do not know what spawned this. You will not be allowed to look at your hands and NOT see the blood that is soaking them. Racist America, you did this. You are FRANKENSTEIN, and the carnage we have experienced is your MONSTER. You flipped that switch and fed life into the conditions that created this rage. You’ve been building this monster since 1562, when the first slave ship named, “The Good Jesus” left England’s harbor.

Lord, please help us all and as I say that, I yell, Faith without works is DEAD. So I’m working and I’ll keep working. May be confused, but still working. May be angry, but still working. Because, those comments I read, those folks would rather me dead than working.

My blackness didn’t kill those people. BLM didn’t kill those people. Frankenstein’s Monster did.

RIP to everyone Frankenstein’s Monster has killed.

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