Monthly Archives: July 2016

Grand Jury Questions Charter Achievement and Advocates for Common Enrollment in Oakland-Our Analysis

The Alameda County grand jury released a report on charters in OUSD this week which will have some fodder for pro and anti-charter groups.  And while there were some insights, at times the analysis was insufficiently nuanced and at others it seemed to misunderstand the context or the law.  Some of the more simplistic analysis probably will lead to misleading… Read more →

Don’t Treat Me Like An Animal When All of this is Flammable

My GOD! This video is extremely graphic, disturbing, infuriating and painful. It wasn’t the shots that broke me down, but the woman screaming. Yo, I sold CDs my entire Sr. Year of high school. My boy Jeffrey sold CDs in high school. Bruh, a man is dead, murdered in cold blood for selling CDs. That cop pulled his gun out and… Read more →

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