Monthly Archives: September 2016

Are you suffering from Blackache?

Diagnosis Blackache [blak-eyk] noun emotional and physical pain from hearing dumb *ss rationales as to why it’s ok to deny Black humanity constantly a condition that occurs when the confluence of rage, pain, and hopelessness consume you to the point where you shut down, take a knee or feel the urge to pick up some blunt object and throw it directly… Read more →

I Don’t Understand Why My Child’s Oakland Public School Receives Less Funding

To the Oakland Unified School District/Oakland School Board: My name is Brandon Dawkins, and I am an Oakland resident, community leader and taxpayer, as well as a father to three young scholars attending Vincent Academy in West Oakland. When my wife and I moved to West Oakland almost 7 years ago, we were looking a good school for my daughter… Read more →

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