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CNN, Putting Murdered Black Men on Trial Makes You the WORST Type of Sucka

I’m upset, so I’m just going to get to the point. Posting mugshots of Black men that were just murdered by cops just hours after makes you a sucka. Sure, I can write that in a more flowery way. I can discuss how the racist undertones and dog whistle reporting actually does nothing but further numb the masses to the… Read more →

Don’t Treat Me Like An Animal When All of this is Flammable

My GOD! This video is extremely graphic, disturbing, infuriating and painful. It wasn’t the shots that broke me down, but the woman screaming. Yo, I sold CDs my entire Sr. Year of high school. My boy Jeffrey sold CDs in high school. Bruh, a man is dead, murdered in cold blood for selling CDs. That cop pulled his gun out and… Read more →

The Killing Season

I’m an Oakland boy but I the place that birthed me is in crisis and the world is numb to it. Chicago, one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen, is losing Black life at an astonishing rate. What’s worse is that very few folks outside of Chicago are discussing it. The past two weekends has been particularly bloody… Read more →

Stray Thoughts on Common Enrollment and the Politics of Choice

I live in Oakland and there’s a lot of talk about charter schools and consequentially, those talks have splintered off into other related topics. One of those topics is Common Enrollment.   Common Enrollment, which has other names such as Unified Enrollment or One App, has been the new apple in the eye of both reformers and anti-reformers. I’ve written… Read more →

PODCAST: Troy Ave, Ed Reform’s Next Wave and Bandwagon Fans

In this episode, we discuss Troy Ave and the shooting he was involved in from a different perspective. We also discuss an article from one guy that thinks Ed Reform is getting too Black and Brown before I give my thoughts on why I despise bandwagon fans in every capacity.

Here’s Robert Pondiscio’s article that I referenced when discussing Ed Reform.


Scrub to these times if you want to hear a specific topic:

  • Troy Ave: 1:30
  • Ed Reform and Robert’s Article: 18:30
  • Disdain for Bandwagoners: 29:00

Fun stuff. If you like it, comment, share, give 5 iTunes stars. It all helps. Cole Out.
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The Two Types of Leaders

There are two types of leaders in this education work and beyond. The first type is the Why I Can’t type. The second type is the Why Can’t I? type.   The Why I Can’t type will encounter an issue and he will give you a long list of reasons why they can’t be successful. They will blame others. They… Read more →

ICYM: Applaud with Caution

I originally published this in 2013, but the message is as relevant as ever. Congrats to everyone graduation this month. The journey is just beginning. 1-Luv! – C. Cole Let’s start this the right way, congrats to all my young black men that just graduated from high school. I know this is a huge moment for you and you are… Read more →

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