Stray Thoughts on Common Enrollment and the Politics of Choice

I live in Oakland and there’s a lot of talk about charter schools and consequentially, those talks have splintered off into other related topics. One of those topics is Common Enrollment.   Common Enrollment, which has other names such as Unified Enrollment or One App, has been the new apple in the eye of both reformers and anti-reformers. I’ve written… Read more →

The Two Types of Leaders

There are two types of leaders in this education work and beyond. The first type is the Why I Can’t type. The second type is the Why Can’t I? type.   The Why I Can’t type will encounter an issue and he will give you a long list of reasons why they can’t be successful. They will blame others. They… Read more →

LISTEN: Superintendent Antwan Wilson on KQED Discussing his views on Charter Expansions

Superintendent Antwan Wilson joined KQED for a conversation regarding charters in California. He was asked to comment on the notion that charter school advocates are pushing to double the amount of charters in Oakland by 2022. Take a listen. Points I found interesting: Supt. Wilson was adamant that he remains agnostic on the topic of charters He focused on quality… Read more →

RESPONSE: Former Lafayette Principal Responds to Article Detailing Former Student’s Experience

A while back, I wrote an article that discussed work happening at a West Oakland elementary school. In that article, I asked the question of who should I blame my pre-ed reform education on if a plurality of people are now blaming charter schools and big money. Former Lafayette Principal, Karen Haynes offered a thoughtful response. Enjoy.  As a former,… Read more →

Here’s Why I’m Proud to Work With OUSD Superintendent Antwan Wilson

This is a crosspost from our Superintendent, Antwan Wilson. Truly proud to work with this guy. March 18, 2016 Our Focus Remains: Every Student Thrives! Dear OUSD Community: The New York Times recently wrote an article about our efforts to improve public education for all in Oakland: Oakland District at Heart of Drive to Transform Urban Schools. It’s generated a lot of… Read more →

The Work in Oakland No One is Mentioning

There was an article in the Oakland Post that suggested charters were displacing traditional public school. After seeing some conversation on Facebook accompanied by some assumptions, I felt a need to address it. (Editor’s Note: That conversation happened with a very close friend of mine and what’s written below is the response I made on Facebook. Her and I will… Read more →

A Generation of Serfs

I live in Oakland, CA. It’s one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Now that Silicon Valley in on full tilt and rich white folks are essentially pushing less rich white folks out of San Francisco, Oakland has taken the overflow. We are getting new restaurants, nightlife, you name it. The cost of living here is rising… Read more →

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