Beyond “Safe” Spaces for LGBTQ Students, the State, the School, and You

Recent events echo, and remind us of the hate directed against the LGBTQ community, while quieter pain, often equally devastating and more widespread permeates the halls of most schools.  Schools need to be safe places for every child and they aren’t.  You can check the stats, LGBT high school students report hearing an average of 26 anti-LGBT slurs per day, 1/3rd… Read more →

How Oakland Unified Graduates Left Over $16 Million on the Table and What We Can Do

Educational Policy is too often about promises and pledges with few delivered results.   Amidst the best intentions, everything comes down to implementation.  And if last year’s FAFSA submission rate is any indicator, Oakland Unified has a lot of work to do, as only 45% of seniors completed one. You know the FAFSA, the form that qualifies you or your child… Read more →

Ending the “Lock Out” of Black Students, How OUSD Enrollment Rules Hurt Black Kids

District enrollment rules conspire against equity from top to bottom.  Even those most “fair” mechanisms like lotteries.   Redistributing opportunities and privilege means upending these rules, something Oakland Unified has started, and gotten huge pushback on.   But it’s time we take a hard look and make some hard choices.  I agree with president Harris’s comments at the recent OUSD meeting that… Read more →

The Cole World Podcast: Ep. 44 Frankenstein’s Monster

  Today, we discuss the tragedies that our country has continued to face. We also have a little fun — because we need it. I discuss the new Ghostbuster’s movie. Topics (In Order): – Conversation w/Black Students about what’s going on – The Nice Tragedy – Ghostbusters Reboot – Frankenstein’s monster Intro and Outro Music: Joe Budden – Freedom Freestyle Article:… Read more →


Again, HERE’S WHAT THEY THINK ABOUT YOU! Just read the comments from the Katie Couric and Deray interview on Giuliani’s comments about #BlackLivesMatter. #BLM is currently being painted as a hate group with all of the recent violence against officers being erroneously place on them. However, the article isn’t even the focal point here. Read the comments! The comments here, MY GOD,… Read more →

Responding in a Deeply Divided World

In a world where we are deeply divided and the internet has offered the world the greatest mask of anonymity I’ve ever witnessed, I wanted to lift up a conversation. Recently, I wrote an article criticizing CNN and other news outlets for instantly looking for a criminal history of Black victims after they were shot by the police. In that… Read more →

Treating the Wounds No One Can See, Trauma Is a Disability

“Johnny” drove me crazy.  He was always up and out of his seat and bobbing around the classroom. One eye constantly tracked him, waiting for him to get up, and he never disappointed, it was easy enough to get him to sit back down but he was always back up.  It was a moment to moment mental wrestling match, a… Read more →

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