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I Don’t Understand Why My Child’s Oakland Public School Receives Less Funding

To the Oakland Unified School District/Oakland School Board: My name is Brandon Dawkins, and I am an Oakland resident, community leader and taxpayer, as well as a father to three young scholars attending Vincent Academy in West Oakland. When my wife and I moved to West Oakland almost 7 years ago, we were looking a good school for my daughter… Read more →

Supporting Our Black Parents and Cutting Through Political Slush

Recently, the NAACP called for a moratorium on Charter Schools, which would deal a blow to African American families and their right to choice in places such as California. There are a lot of families not sure what to make of the call by the NAACP but here is my message directly to parents most impacted.    Demand choice and quality… Read more →

LISTEN: Superintendent Antwan Wilson on KQED Discussing his views on Charter Expansions

Superintendent Antwan Wilson joined KQED for a conversation regarding charters in California. He was asked to comment on the notion that charter school advocates are pushing to double the amount of charters in Oakland by 2022. Take a listen. Points I found interesting: Supt. Wilson was adamant that he remains agnostic on the topic of charters He focused on quality… Read more →

RESPONSE: Former Lafayette Principal Responds to Article Detailing Former Student’s Experience

A while back, I wrote an article that discussed work happening at a West Oakland elementary school. In that article, I asked the question of who should I blame my pre-ed reform education on if a plurality of people are now blaming charter schools and big money. Former Lafayette Principal, Karen Haynes offered a thoughtful response. Enjoy.  As a former,… Read more →

VIDEO: Three Former OUSD Students Discuss Their Experience in Our District

In a hyper-politicized education environment, arguments tend to lose any semblance of humanity. I wanted to have a real conversation with real students about education. I had the opportunity to sit with three former OUSD students. Collectively they went to both traditional public schools and public charter schools. They had positive and negative encounters in each of those settings. I’ll… Read more →

The Work in Oakland No One is Mentioning

There was an article in the Oakland Post that suggested charters were displacing traditional public school. After seeing some conversation on Facebook accompanied by some assumptions, I felt a need to address it. (Editor’s Note: That conversation happened with a very close friend of mine and what’s written below is the response I made on Facebook. Her and I will… Read more →

Judging Charters and Unions on Results

I am officially agnostic, on charter schools and unions.  Not the combination of the two but each individually.  We need to judge charters by their results on both quality and equity and we need to do the same for unions.  That was the gist of my relatively recent comments in NOLA at the Education Research Alliance for New Orleans. I… Read more →

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