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#MyBlackHistory: My Parents Decided to Go Back to College 30 Years Later. Here’s How My Story Inspired Them.

Recently, the story of my parents, Renate and Charles Cole, went viral after I tweeted on social media: “My parents went back to college together and they graduated today. Together #salute.” After years of battling drug addiction, it wasn’t easy but from watching my own education journey they also knew it wasn’t impossible. HERE’S HOW MY STORY INSPIRED THEM TO GO… Read more →

Supporting Our Black Parents and Cutting Through Political Slush

Recently, the NAACP called for a moratorium on Charter Schools, which would deal a blow to African American families and their right to choice in places such as California. There are a lot of families not sure what to make of the call by the NAACP but here is my message directly to parents most impacted.    Demand choice and quality… Read more →

PODCAST: Troy Ave, Ed Reform’s Next Wave and Bandwagon Fans

In this episode, we discuss Troy Ave and the shooting he was involved in from a different perspective. We also discuss an article from one guy that thinks Ed Reform is getting too Black and Brown before I give my thoughts on why I despise bandwagon fans in every capacity.

Here’s Robert Pondiscio’s article that I referenced when discussing Ed Reform.


Scrub to these times if you want to hear a specific topic:

  • Troy Ave: 1:30
  • Ed Reform and Robert’s Article: 18:30
  • Disdain for Bandwagoners: 29:00

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ICYM: Applaud with Caution

I originally published this in 2013, but the message is as relevant as ever. Congrats to everyone graduation this month. The journey is just beginning. 1-Luv! – C. Cole Let’s start this the right way, congrats to all my young black men that just graduated from high school. I know this is a huge moment for you and you are… Read more →

Questions for Black Parents to Ask their Child’s Teacher and School

I spent nearly five years at a nonprofit focused on getting students in and through college. Many of the students we got were not on track to graduate high school when we got them yet we did a great job of getting students caught up and on the right track. I spent much of my time working closely with counselors,… Read more →

The Costs of No Rigor: Why Demanding Higher Quality is Better than Opting Out

I recently read a report titled, “Out of Pocket: The High Cost of Inadequate High Schools and High School Student Achievement on College Affordability“. The article had some eye opening stats. Here’s a few: 1:4 students entering college had to enroll in remedial coursework This costs students and families $1.5 Billion! 45% of these students came from middle to upper class… Read more →

The Work in Oakland No One is Mentioning

There was an article in the Oakland Post that suggested charters were displacing traditional public school. After seeing some conversation on Facebook accompanied by some assumptions, I felt a need to address it. (Editor’s Note: That conversation happened with a very close friend of mine and what’s written below is the response I made on Facebook. Her and I will… Read more →

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