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You Want to Know the Students of Richmond? Then You Gotta Live Here.

“OK, let’s go save these kids.” This was the expression used by a fellow teacher before the school year began. As I heard the expression, I wondered if the remark had any degree of truthfulness. Serving a community that is notorious for its poverty and high crime rate, as is the city of Richmond, California, can convince any outsider that… Read more →

Photo by Howard Lake, CC-licensed.

Let’s Make Our Voices Heard on Improving School Enrollment in Oakland (En Español)

Part of what makes Oakland great is how our city celebrates equity and diversity. But there is a major part of public education in our city that does not fit with our values: the way families find and enroll in Oakland’s public schools. The current process is unfair, disproportionately disadvantaging parents who work multiple jobs, have children with special needs… Read more →

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