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#MyBlackHistory: My Parents Decided to Go Back to College 30 Years Later. Here’s How My Story Inspired Them.

Recently, the story of my parents, Renate and Charles Cole, went viral after I tweeted on social media: “My parents went back to college together and they graduated today. Together #salute.” After years of battling drug addiction, it wasn’t easy but from watching my own education journey they also knew it wasn’t impossible. HERE’S HOW MY STORY INSPIRED THEM TO GO… Read more →

Hey Oakland, Let’s Bring the Excitement Back to Mack

I just want to bring the excitement back to Mack. I want it to be a place we’re all proud of. McClymonds High School is the place where I, and so much of my family, attended, and graduated. It’s also a place where too few kids graduate today. Together, we—families, teachers, the district, community folks and activists like me—have a… Read more →

VIDEO: Working with Community to Transform Education in West Oakland

In Oakland, I’ve had the pleasure of spending the last few months working with educators and community members on rethinking education in West Oakland. It’s work that I take to heart. Since there are multiple streams of work, I’ll focus solely on my experience. Five schools in West Oakland answered a call for quality schools — meaning they would work… Read more →

Here’s Why I’m Proud to Work With OUSD Superintendent Antwan Wilson

This is a crosspost from our Superintendent, Antwan Wilson. Truly proud to work with this guy. March 18, 2016 Our Focus Remains: Every Student Thrives! Dear OUSD Community: The New York Times recently wrote an article about our efforts to improve public education for all in Oakland: Oakland District at Heart of Drive to Transform Urban Schools. It’s generated a lot of… Read more →

Photo by Howard Lake, CC-licensed.

Let’s Make Our Voices Heard on Improving School Enrollment in Oakland (En Español)

Part of what makes Oakland great is how our city celebrates equity and diversity. But there is a major part of public education in our city that does not fit with our values: the way families find and enroll in Oakland’s public schools. The current process is unfair, disproportionately disadvantaging parents who work multiple jobs, have children with special needs… Read more →

The West Oakland Fall Call Community Kick-Off

Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) is in the midst of a Fall Call for Quality Schools process. There are multiple calls happening simultaneously but since I do community engagement work in West Oakland, I am focusing on the West Oakland Fall Call. The West Oakland Fall Call is committed to improving education in the West Oakland STEAM corridor. The schools… Read more →

A Strong Milestone for McClymonds High and a Hopeful Future

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending Mack’s annual alumni barbecue at De Fremery Park in West Oakland. This year was extremely special as it was the 100th Anniversary of the legendary school. I was greeted by representatives of the 1961 class with hugs and smiles and a pretty hearty plate of barbeque. There are a lot of people that… Read more →

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